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Massaging the Disabled

It is very important to realize the importance of massage for the disabled. Not only do the disabled appreciate a good massage just like everyone else but the benefits to them are tremendous.

Just because someone is disabled they should not in any way feel like they should not be able to receive a quality massage. It doesn't matter if the disability is physical, mental, or a medical condition.
Exceptions to this would be if it is advised by a doctor that massage would present a contraindication to the person.

Amputees need massage because they are constantly adjusting the weight of their bodies to accommodate for a part of the body that is no longer giving balance to the body.

Injury and stroke patients need massage to help maintain good blood flow and oxygen to the tissues to maintain good health and circulation.

Those suffering because of many muscle disease's benefit from massage to prevent or slow the muscles from atrophying.

In addition to being a massage therapist I am a licensed CNA (certified nursing assistant) in the state of Nevada. If you know of someone who is homebound, under a registered nurses care  and could benefit from massage, ask the registered nurse in charge to call me and see if I am able to work with them.

Massage is for everyone and most definitely improves the quality of life.

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