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Las Vegas Sports Massage

Las Vegas Sports Massage

Sports Massage for the Professional, Amateur, Collegiate, Team or Individual Athlete.
Available for Team Competions; Conference Meets, Playoffs, NCAA, Training Camps

Providing Deep Tissue, Joint Mobilization, Rehabilitation, Restorative, Stretching, and Trigger Point Therapies.

I have worked with multiple sports groups and individuals in many areas of sports medicine with massage therapy.

Some of the groups are listed below:

Justin Boots Sports Medicine Team (Rodeo contestants, bull riders, steer wrestlers, bareback riders, etc)

UNLV Swimming and Diving Team

Rugby 7's International Competition Las Vegas

Show Performers from: Le Reve' ,  Le Femme, Jubilee

Las Vegas Marathon

MDA Telethon

I have also worked with many athletes in a wide variety of sports using my massage techniques and incorporating stretching and other modalities to help them perform better in their sport.
Some of those sports are listed below:

Cyclists                                      Dancers                                     
Marathon Runners                     Gymnasts

Mountain Climbers                     Divers
Ice Skaters                                 Rugby Players
MMA Fighters
UFC Fighters
Weight Lifters
Basketball Players
Tennis Players
LaCrosse Players

Please visit the site for Professional Athletes at

Jim Freeman  LMT   NVMT #6856
Phone 702-325-8297 voice/text

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